Ride Calendar

Sunday August 31  First Rider Leaves @ 2 pm
Southside MTB Time Trial Series will be a 10 mile course with a variety of terrain, including over 2 miles of new trails.  The series is designed to test and improve on your own time, while a secondary competition becomes evident as you find your place among other riders.  There will be token trophies handed out to those who show the most improvement throughout the series and for the top three places in each time trial for overall time.  For the last time trial of the series there will be a cookout and an awards ceremony.  The event is free but donations will be accepted to subsidize the cookout, because it is all about having a good time anyway.  Categories yet to be determined.  For a detailed course description, directions and dates check out www.bikeworx.net/mtbtt.htm.  For questions contact james@bikeworx.net.

CTS Training Program

During the months of July and August there will be a number of Spartanburg Freewheelers following the Chris Carmichael and Lance Armstrong 7 weeks to fitness training program. The program begins with a 3 mile field test time trial Saturday June 28th @ Bike Worx 7am to determine your fitness level and the training program.

Speed is not the measure for training in this program.  This is a heart rate based training program and it does not matter how fast you can ride.  Using your heart rate zones as a basis for your workouts, it will be necessary to know your maximum heart rate and own a heart rate monitor. Many of the workouts will involve knowing your cadence as well, so a cycle computer that will tell you both is highly recommended.

There will be three group rides a week (Thur, Sat & Sun) with courses that will specifically address the types of workouts laid out in the programs.

Thursday Night rides will be led from the USCS Hodge Center parking lot at 6pm. 

Saturday rides will be TBA. 

Sunday rides will leave from Bike Worx @6pm.

The rides will vary between 1-3 hours long riding a very casual pace throughout with a variety of short spurts of high intensity exercises. There will be recovery rides available on all 'off days'.  When it is determined which group you will ride in you may branch off with other riders and develop your own ride times to suit your schedule if you can not make the regularly scheduled rides. 

If you are interested in reading up on the program it is in the book "The Lance Armstrong Performance Program" by Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael.  We have it in stock and cover price is $15.99.  We will be following the program as the book describes. For more information contact Eric @ 542-2453 or email eric@bikeworx.net