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Southside MTB Time Trial Series will be a 10 mile course with a variety of terrain, including over 2 miles of new trails.  The series is designed to test and improve on your own time, while a secondary competition becomes evident as you find your place among other riders.  There will be token trophies handed out to those who show the most improvement throughout the series and for the top three places in each time trial for overall time.  For the last time trial of the series there will be a cookout and an awards ceremony.  The event is free but donations will be accepted to subsidize the cookout, because it is all about having a good time anyway.  Categories yet to be determined.    For questions contact


The course will start at the parking lot and follow the yellow markings in a clockwise fashion and finish at the parking lot.  Note the elimination of the Bedrock trail and some of the Graveyard trail and the addition of the High n' Dry Trail and the Lizard Trail.  It should be and exiting and grueling course adding up to about 10 miles.

See You at the Start Line!

Map will be posted on the Southside kiosk and your local bike shops soon!

Sunday February 23rd First Rider Leaves @ 1 pm - Canceled due to rain

Sunday April 27th First Rider Leaves @ 2 pm - Results coming soon

Sunday June 15th First Rider Leaves @ 2 pm

Sunday August 31st First Rider Leaves @ 2 pm

Sunday October 19th First Rider Leaves @ 1 pm

Directions:  From I-85 exit onto 585 Pine Street.  Head south towards Downtown Spartanburg.  Turn right at Wendy's onto Henry Street.  Go approximately 1/2 mile, turn left at Ricky's Drive Inn onto Hwy 56 Union Street, continue down Union Street for several miles. Turn left onto Groce Road (which will be 2.8 miles past the main entrance to Croft State Natural Area). There will be a sign that reads Southside Park. Follow Groce Road until it dead ends into the Parking Lot.  Trail head has kiosk and all intersections have a 'You are here' maps.

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