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CTS Training Program

This is a FREE year round program a number of local Spartanburg cyclists are following.  This is the Chris Carmicheal and Lance Armstrong 7 weeks to fitness training program. The program begins with a 3 mile field test time trial to determine your fitness level and training program.

Speed is not the measure for training in this program.  This is a heart rate based training program and it does not matter how fast you can ride.  Using your heart rate zones as a basis for your workouts, it will be necessary to know your maximum heart rate and own a heart rate monitor. Many of the workouts will involve knowing your cadence as well, so a computer that will tell you both is highly recommended.

Some of the best training is done alone, but there are group rides that you may incorporate into your schedule.  There are a number of group ride leaders that follow this program year round and they are a good source of information as well as peer support. 

If you are interested in reading up on the program it is in the book "The Lance Armstrong Performance Program" by Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmicheal.  Barnes and Noble sometimes has it in stock.  We have it in stock and cover price is $15.99.  We will be following the program as the book describes. If you are interested in a more detailed set of goals or are training for a complete year and would like to appropriate a peak for certain races or events let Eric customize a program for you.  For more information contact Eric @ 864-542-2453 or email

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