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Big bikes for big kids

Bike Worx has the kids' bikes you're lookng for. Everything from bikes for the tykes to some exciting BMX rigs. Get the family together for some outdoor fun in the sun!

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Flightline 20 $289.99

There’s no better way to start your child's lifelong adventures on a mountain bike than with the Flightline 20. This kid-sized bike boasts features of Haro's full-sized bikes, such as a lightweight FL3G aluminum frame that's durable enough to endure youthful abuse. Add in a suspension fork and Shimano Revo Twist shifters which help keep little hands on the grips for added control. The Flightline 20 is a small bike that's huge on value.

Flightline 24 $309.99

From promising junior cross-country racers to kids who just like to tear around the neighborhood, the Flightline 24 is extremely versatile. Kids will love the color choices, including a radical Acid Green paint job guaranteed to get attention. Effortless and durable Shimano twist shifters and derailleurs are perfect for helping little hands shift gears, and the smaller 24" wheels make it nimble and quick.

z10 Prewheelz $109.99

No need to fluster the little ones with gears, pedals, brakes and all the complicated stuff. Haro offers the Prewheelz balance bike to get them started on a lifelong journey of bike riding fun, freedom and adventure.

Hot Rod $329.99

Modern bike meets retro-awesome! Chopper bars, banana seat and an old-school suspension fork - this beast even sports the sissy bar out back. A dream bike for the wild ones. Heck, get one for yourself and relive your glory days, wheelie king!

Champ $259.99

The Champ is affordable, simple and bullet-proof. It's perfect for pretty much evry kid. It features a handbrake, a coaster brake and components that will hold up to years of abuse.

Maverick $279.99

A properBMX bike that's extremely durable and well-outfitted. The Maverick can accommodate any style of riding. The Maverick also sports some components found on much higher priced BMX bikes, such as 3-piece cranks.