Basic Tune Up



Why do I need this service?

Nothing shifts right anymore, and your brakes donít stop.

You just want to make sure your bike is safe.

There are just a couple of adjustments that need to be made.

The Bike is new but was not assembled correctly at the department store.


Service includes:

Choose four major adjustments:

Adjust any bearings to not be tight or loose. (Headset, Bottom Bracket or Hubs)

True wheels to @110kgf tension and <.5mm tolerance laterally, radially and symmetrically

Align front or rear derailleurs. Adjust limit screws and cable tension to precision.

Adjust brakes (front or rear) to be centered vertically, horizontally and laterally.

Lube Chain and Derailleur pivots.


All Basic Tune Ups Include:

Perform a 28 point bolt security check to ensure bicycle is safe.

Test-ride bicycle to ensure precision performance under torque.

Recommendations will be made to increase performance of bicycle. (if necessary)

Perform a precision bicycle fitting (@ $40/hr. - optional)


Bike Worx guarantees all service performed on each bike with a Barnettís check list that you take home signed and dated by the mechanic performing the work.

All parts will be examined for any damage before any work is performed.

Call now for an appointment (864) 542-2453.

Prices may change. Call to confirm. Price does not include replacement parts.

At Bike Worx we make sure your Bike Worx for YOU.


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