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Bike Worx is a progressive bike shop located on the east side of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Bike Worx has dedicated its efforts to not only provide you with a quality bicycle to ride or service to your current bicycle, but a place to ride as well.  From developing long term relationships with land managers to swinging a Pulaski or McLeod on the trails.  Bike Worx is enthusiastic about developments for all kinds of biking in South Carolina.  If you are looking for a greenway in town for your family to safely ride on, or a trail system that can satisfy your need to tackle new challenges, we are working closely with the people that are able to provide such avenues for our sport.  Stop by to check out what makes Bike Worx so dedicated to the sport of cycling.

Bike Worx, Inc.

1321 Union St.

Spartanburg, SC 29302

Phone: (864) 542-BIKE (2453)

Email: Info@bikeworx.net

Store Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-5:30