Bike Worx, Inc.
1321 Union Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302
Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Bike Worx Road

Everyone needs to get out and experience their natural surroundings. The question is do you want to stop and smell the flowers or feel the G's? In either case, Bike Worx has you covered!

Felt F95

Felt's F95 offers durable, lightweight components and special touches including a carbon fiber fork and the new Felt VS proportionally fit handlebar. A great ride at an incredible value.

Defy 3

Defy breaks all the rules of what was previously thought possible for an entry-level road bike. Fitted with performance wheels and parts, it climbs, corners and sprints like bikes costing thousands more.

Avail 3

A zippy, lightweight and comfortable ride combined with carefully chosen performance parts. Sized and outfitted with the perfect frame dimensions and components for women road riders of all abilities.


With its triathlon-specific geometry, aerodynamic profile and power-to-the-pedals frame stiffness, Trinity is the ticket to your fastest time yet. Trinity whisks you from T1 to T2 faster than ever.

Pinarello FP2

Geometry in perfect Pinarello style. The frame is powerful, the down tube is massive, and the heart of the frame is unyielding to the power you’ll unleash when you stand on the pedals.

Pinarello FP Quattro

Another beautiful and dedicated package from Pinarello. It oozes speed and technology and also incorporates more acronyms than we know how to pronounce.

Felt F5

With the unbeatable performance of a lightweight carbon fiber frame, built to exacting standards through Felt’s Modular Monocoque Construction, the F5 is equally adept at city-limit sprints or long mountain climbs.

Felt F85

A Superlite custom butted aluminum frame is mated with a carbon fiber fork and seatpost to give the F85 a light, lively feel that’s perfect for sprinting, climbing or any performance-riding situation.

Felt F95

With durable, lightweight components and special touches including a carbon fiber fork and a proportionally-fit handlebar, the F95 offers a great ride at an incredible value.

Felt Z85

Lightweight, dependable, and as quick as it is comfortable, the Z85 is equally suitable for short training rides or epic weekend adventures.

Felt Z100

A classic for recreational riders who want a performance-ride quality. A lightweight, responsive frame paired with some elegant upgrades makes this a machine that can speed through flats and climb new heights.

Flite 220

The feel of steel with dependable Shimano compontents makes the Flite 220 a great way to get aqcauinted with the fun and excitement of road biking at an affordable price.