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We have Cannondale Jekylls and Scapels, Gary Fisher Sugars and Mt. Tam 29ers in our rental program.  Test ride one of these on the trail before you buy anything.  You will know you are making the right decision with whatever you buy.     If you buy a bike from us when you return the rental, we will waive the rental fee.

For more Cannondale models (2005 & 2006) check out their website on the hyperlink above

Prophet 600


Prophet 600       

Mountain Biking  "Bike Of The Year!"




Adjustable Geometry.
Quick one-bolt adjustment converts frame geometry from cross country to freeriding. 69 degree head tube angle steepens geometry for steering precision and efficient climbing. 67.5 slackens geometry for wheelie drops or ripping off-camber sweepers.



The Prophet Wins Bike Of The Year!


Prophet Wins Bike Of The YearSwift on climbs and precise on descents"....Mountain Biking Magazine names the Cannondale Prophet "Bike Of The Year".

"The Cannondale Prophet 600 brings a US made all-mountain rig that can dabble in light freeriding to the masses for a bargain of a price leaving little argument why we selected this ride for "Bike Of The Year."

Frame and Fork:
"Single pivot frames aren't anything new, but the Prophet does have some stand-out details. This frame was built with direct input the likes of Cedric Gracia as well as a Cannondale Gemini turned rolling computer science project that helped optimize the frames to be as strong as possible as well as very light via tubing shape and wall thickness manipulation. The Prophet basically replaces the Jekyll model and is stronger, lighter (5.25 lbs without the shock) more complient and is also compatible with standard rear suspension shocks. Highlights of the frame include a hydroformed rear swingarm with 140mm of travel, a OnePointFive headtube, two geometry settings, a double delta front triangle for strength, a "Hot Box" hollow core pivot with outboard bearings for lightweight stiffness, and a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship."

"The rear shock on the 600 is the Manitou Radium R Air with adjustable air spring and rebound damping. The fork is Cannondale's own Lefty Max with 140mm of coil sprung travel and Fluid Flow damping that also includes a rebound adjustment. The Prophet's Hot Box hollow-core pivot has two shock mountaing points for changing the head and seat angle."

The Prophet Wins Bike Of The Year!The Ride:
"When you first get on the Prophet, it feels long and stable. If you've never ridden a bike with a Lefty fork, it's a bit weird to look at, but feels like any other fork once you're up and riding, plus, the design has been around for about seven years now so it's totally solid. You'll be guaranteed some questions from onlookers though but won't mind after you change your first front flat."
"With the rebound damping properly tuned, the Prophet is a very efficient pedaller as long as you aren't standing and mashing on the pedals. It's not as sophisticated or effient as the Platform damped models, but it's not far off either."

"True to its east coast roots, the Prophet's geometry suits a woods rding style. Elevated chainstays keep frame tubing from creating a traffic jam between the rear wheel and the bottom bracket so instead, you get unusually short 16.5" chainstays as well as excellent mud clearance with a generous 2.25 stock tread. Despite its short back side, our large-sized test bike still had a wheelbase over 45 inches so the front triangle is very roomy. The head and seat tube angles vary depending on the shock mounting point, you get to choose between a head/seat angle of 69 / 73.5 degrees for general riding, and 67.5 / 75 degrees for freeride type activities."

"The Prophet 600 is a nimble performer in tight technical situations with its short rear end while also being very stable at speed due to a combined effort of its smooth suspension and generous top tube. Changing the shock position is all you need to do to get the added control of a slack head angle if you choose to descend the steeps."

"The Lefty Max 140 fork felt great even through it's a coil sprung fork matched with an air shock in rear. The Lefty fork looks different but its flex-free ride and 140mm of smooth travel will make a believer of you... Many riders comment on its stiffness, which is attributable to its dual crown design.

The remainder of the components got the job done just fine with little complaint. We liked the Trail Dog tires a lot as they use the same Missile tread that was so popular in the late 90s."

"In the past, Cannondale had a reputation for good but expensive bikes with lots of proprietary technology that often limited future upgrades. We chose the New Prophet 600 as Bike Of The Year because this bike is an excellent example of how Cannondale has changed its ways for the better."

 Other mags are also extolling our virtues:

The 2005 Buyer's guide of Mountain Bike Magazine says "The Cannondale Prophet 1000 Rocks. You're getting more bike for less. The 1000 has the same hydroformed aluminum frame as the Prophet 4000 that we tested last year as well as the same Hot Box pivot and swingarm-the latter is free of welds so there are no heat-induced weak points."  

The Febuary Issue of Shape Magazine "Cannondale's newest all-mountain bike, "Prophet," offers a sturdy, nonjarring ride, even on snow, thanks to its 5.25-lb v-shaped weight-distributing aluminum frame. "

The March 2005 Issue of Maxim Magazine Lists The Cannondale Prophet as a top prize in their Great Maxim Road Tip promo. Check it out at Maximonline.com

The Rush 2006  The new generation of XC Racing

Marathon. 24 hours in the saddle. 24 hours of dirt, rock gardens, mud, sweat, beer. Dew-drop haze - slime. The night laps. Pushing through the tired. CAFFEINE! The love-child of the Scalpel and the Prophet = RUSH: 110 mm balanced travel, lightweight frame, 69 degree head-tube. "Long-ride" geometry with sloping top-tube, quick handling, efficient pedaling. Built for pushing the 26 for 24 more.

Rush 1000Rush 800Rush 600Rush 400

Sloping Top Tube.
Creates a generous stand-over height and saves weight by using less material and fewer weld joints. The huge bend radius combined with a large shock mount also provides better load distribution—again, saving weight with less material.


Reflective Decal.

Glow-in-the-dark Decals.

Lock Out.
Speed Carbon DLR2 Fork locks out for added efficiency climbing or sprinting in the flats.




Mountain Bike Action Feels "The RUSH!"

“Cannondale in the bullseye for duel-suspension pilots shooting for a more capable mount.”

That’s what MOUNTIAN BIKE ACTION MAGAZINE had to say in their November issue about the latest intro to the Cannondale off-road quiver. After touring our world class Bedford factory and then riding a pre-production rig on its own rock-garden infested stomping grounds, MBA received a proper dosing of the Rush. “A trip through the Cannondale factory was a real confidence builder. Manufacturing their frames and forks in the same factory gives them a great deal of control over the final product;” MBA went on to say. And, after a quick trip through the Cannondale renowned E.S.A.L testing facility they got solid helping of what makes every Cannondale special: “When Cannondale officials explain that the Rush is designed to meet the expectations of aggressive cross-country enthusiasts they can express what that means in hard numbers.”

As far as the ride itself? “The Rush’s geometry was perfectly suited for the rough and tumble riding style that East Coast mountain bikers enjoy.” Rough and tumble is a more than adequate description of our favorite factory dirt retreat: Blue Knob mountain. After a couple of hours of climbing and descending loose-slate fern-lined singletrack MBA reported: “Quick steering is important when the trees are often spaced only 28 inches apart—the Rush complies with a head tube angle steep enough to switch directions in a heartbeat, but just slack enough to ease the Cannondale down steep chutes.” Furthermore, “At speed, the Rush can be trusted to hold its line.”

So, what was the final verdict? “The Rush is a refreshingly simple design at a time when most mountain bike makers are selling expensive complexity—Cannondale is back in the game with a long-travel lightweight that can roll bar to bar with anything in its class.” That’s right! During a 24-hour challenge or a marathon ramble, Cannondale knows that when light turns to dark—simplicity in full-suspension design is appreciated.




The F400 is the entry level Cannondale with the Headshok Super Fatty DL (w/lockout).  This is the ultimate set up for XC Racing due to the ability to lock out your shock on those extended climbs.  Comes with Deore/XT components at a reasonable price.



For more Gary Fisher models check out their website on the hyperlink above

Cobia > Pearl Blue

  You have got to try this bike out.  There is no doubt the Cobia 29er' goes faster than the regular 26" wheel mountain bike.  A 4" root profile feels like a 2" root.  It is basic physics when you think about it.  Think about it.   Demo available in size large.


Wahoo > Metallic Black

The Wahoo is the first double wall rim Mountain bike is the Fisher line up.  Having the knowledge that this bike can take off road abuse will tempt every owner to indulge in the activity that makes this category of bikes legitimate.  Now upgraded to the Genesis geometry for better off road performance!  Now available in a disc brake model too! So far this is our top seller for the new year models.  Come by to see why.


Tarpon > Metallic Black/Metallic Blue


For cruising around town, cutting through pastures and light dirt riding...The Tarpon is where mountain biking begins.  If you just want to get a taste as to how it feels to be riding knobby tires on a sturdy mountain bike, this is a great start to realizing what has taken storm in the world of sports.  


Mako > Metallic Black/Metallic Charcoal

It all starts here with Gary's least expensive bike.  In the good ol' days when Gary was first starting the trend of riding off road he would have loved to have had a bike like this to get it all started.  He truly understands that you have to start somewhere.