What's Happenin'

Eddie from RJ Rockers and Longleaf Holdings providing a huge helping hand to create water bars and filling in a dangerous crevice before the Stumpjump 2008.

New Trails & Other Details

Southside park has been a great system of trails for the Upstate mountain bike and hiking community, but the thought of connecting to the trails on the north side of Fairforest Creek has always been in the backs of our minds.  In 1999, when we made the initial proposal to make Southside trails official for mountain bike use to the heads of South Carolina's Parks, Recreation and Tourism department the maps indicated a bridge across Fairforest Creek to link to the Dairy Ridge Rd trails at Croft, somewhat separated from the equestrians due to the initial concerns from SCPRT.  The plan was impressive but the SC trails program was brand new and they did not want to incorporate multi use into their program so soon as well as suffer the expense of the bridge.  Almost ten years later, with a successful trails program and the price of fiberglass bridges becoming affordable, the dream of incorporating multi use trails and crossing Fairforest creek have been realized.  With the help of The Palmetto Conservation Foundation and the Palmetto Trail, the completion of a 65ft fiberglass bridge, and the connection of 4 miles of new trail tread along with 10 more miles of existing trails, Mountain Bikers can now enjoy a total of 28 miles of trails in Croft State Natural Area.  With facilities like bathrooms, a bike wash station, and camping the mountain biking experience is now very comprehensive and can attract people from all over the Southeast.  The cooperative nature of the Rangers, Equestrians, and Mountain bikers have opened the opportunity at Croft to be the first experimental multi use trail system in the South Carolina State Parks.  Historically, the individual trail systems have been well maintained by its users, the Pisgah Trailblazers and Upstate Mountain Biking Association.  Now they are starting to work together sharing funds, knowledge, and other resources to facilitate the multi use idea and expand the number of miles that Equestrians, Hikers and Bikers can share.  

UMBA - South Carolina State Mass Park Pass Purchase

It is that time of year to buy your South Carolina State Park Passes.  Every year UMBA buys in bulk State Park Passes at a reduced rate of $37.50 (normally $50).  All you have to do is email the UMBA/State Park Liaison including information on how many passes you would like, your email address and your zip code.  You will need to be able to pick the pass up in person and pay by cash or check (payable to Bike Worx).  If you did not make it by the June 1st purchase date call 864-542-BIKE(2453)or email anyway as there are usually some extras to pick up at that reduced price, but it is first come first serve with the remaining unreserved passes.

Benefits:  Obviously the reduced price, but also you get to send the clear message to the S.C. State Park System that mountain bikers are using the trails.  Last year we purchased over 130 passes.  This year we purchased 146 passes and enjoy the benefits of 14 new miles of trail, 65ft fiberglass bridge, new parking areas, a bike wash station and a mountain bike friendly atmosphere.  Enjoy!


Tour The New Trails With Us!

 Come join us at Croft State Natural Area on Tuesday evenings 6pm for all skill levels.  Croft State Natural Area offers some of the best trails in the Southeast right in our back yard.  We highly recommend suspended mountain bikes and helmets are required. 

Please note: We now meet at the new entrance of The Palmetto Trail at the intersection on Carolina Country Club Rd and Cedar Springs Dr.

Thank you Steve Fincher Photography for producing such a high quality map!